Tonedeff -Use Me (2016)   Director, DoP, Editor

SKAM Season 2 (2016) Director of Photography (Episode 1-5)

Available here

SKAM (2015) Director of Photography

Season 1 available here.

SuperKrim (2015) DOP and Editor

Click the image for a clip.

Jenter Sesong 4  DOP and Post-Producer

Click the image for a clip.

Promo for NRK Super Director of Photography

Jenter Sesong 2 Director of Photography and Post-Producer

Click the image for a clip

Jenter Director of Photography and Post-Producer 

A clip can be viewed here. 

MIA still til hjemmeside.jpg

MIA: Sesong 5 Fifth season of a Norwegian drama-series for children, made for NRK Super.

Director of Photography and Post-Producer

A behind the scenes look at the recording of "Water" by Peter Anthony Red.

Direction, Photography & Editing

Short documentary about hardcourt BikePolo, a variation of traditional bicycle polo.

Directed, Shot and Edited

Video for the Fjern tusenlappen campaign 

Directed, shot, cut and mixed

Commercial for the collaboration between Mardou & Dean + Cala & Jade. Director/Editor: Kavar Singh, Cinematography: Daniel McStay.

Music video for the song "Tusen Tegninger" by Karpe Diem. Cinematography/Producer: Daniel McStay, Director/Editor: Kavar Singh.

Commercial for Norwegian designers Mardou&Dean. Cinematography/Producer: Daniel McStay, Director/Editor: Kavar Singh,  Music: Alex Stokke.


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